“Dream of Fairy Tale”

A village of fairies protected from human eyes by a spiritual barrier. 
There was a sacred tree of fairies in the village, that had the power to generate energy in the spiritual barrier.

One day, Tine notices that something is happening to the sacred tree, so she breaks the rule and sets off for a journey outside the spiritual barrier.

Tine and her friends find out that the earth's mutation and the attacks of demons are somewhat connected.
Can she protect the village of her dear friends......?

The adventure fantasy of Stella, a small dragon that is said to bring good luck, and the fairy Tine, begins now----!

The First Episode “Small Tribe”

White petals are flying from somewhere.
There are red, orange, green, indigo, and wisteria-colored - translucent feathers among the wind.
I remember how beautiful the light falling from the countless feathers was.

I did not yet know that this sight I saw for the first time was called the "Scale Ceremony.”
It was a banquet where we, a small tribe "fairies," were to become what we really are.

“Hey. Tine, Subaru!”
“You've come to the right place. Help me water the fields”


“Of course”

“Hey, what are you----"

“Come on, Subaru, get ready”

Before I heard his reply, I focused my attention on my body.
The "power" was growing inside me, carried by the circulating blood.
A number of bubbles floated around me.
I gave Subaru the eye and he sighed.

“I guess I don’t have a choice, do I?”

“Thank you”

The bubbles quickly expand and become large droplets of water.

"Let's go!”

At the same time as I called out, I made the "flow" defy gravity.
Subaru generates a blade-like wind from his right hand.
Together, the water-laden wind rained down on the dry soil.
Only the fields moistened, and the weather clears up.

“Wow, that's what I'm talking about! Thank you for your help!”
“I'm an earthy person, so I'm not very good at watering”

We, the little ones who live in a small village - the fairy tribe - are blessed by nature.
Ever since I can remember, I have been loved by the water and Subaru by the wind.
Power has become a part of our lives, and we help each other in such way----.

“That's not helping each other”
“He's just taking advantage of us”

“Subaru, you care too much about details”
“The man was happy, right?”

“You don’t get it......”

“Ah! Subaru, look. It's the sacred tree”

I pointed to a large tree towering over the center of the village.
Children were playing around it.

“It will soon be our scaling ceremony!”
“I can't wait to fly!”

I gazed at the young leaves growing from the limp branches.
A number of buds are bulging.

“We’re such a bothersome species that we can't grow wings unless we go through the ritual"

Subaru said and looked at his back.
On his back, there was a transparent feather "bud."
When the buds of the sacred tree sprout, our feathers will sprout as well.

“I'm water, so I guess my feathers will be light blue”
“You are wind, so ...... transparent?”

“That's not even a color!”
“And light blue for a water, isn't that too easy?

“Well, wind doesn't have a color. ......”

“It's spring green”

“Spring green......?

“Because my father had spring green feathers”
“ see that? That’s the closest color"

Subaru pointed a bright yellow-green grass sprout.
It was standing quietly in the shade of a tree, as if to announce that the warm season would soon arrive.

“Wow! That’s so beautiful!”
“I love that color!”

"Really? Well----"

“Oh, you are being shy”

“No, I’m not!”

Everyone in the village is kind. The delicious food, the casual conversation.
I loved it here.
I thought I could spend all my life here without any changes.

“Oh, my God!!!!”

The man who came running toward us with a bloodthirsty look on his face was the one who was in the field.
I knew at first glance that it was something serious.

“What's going on?”

“You two, you have to get out of----”

“Hey, ......, look at that----"

At the end of Subaru’s stare, there was the flame that blurred even the sun.
A red, black, blazing fire is burning the trees in the forest.

“The fire is spreading fast. It will reach here in no time!”
“Take the one without wings and run to the outskirts of the village!!”

Even as we speak, the whole village is being engulfed in screams and dismay.
The invisible but contagious air reaches upon us.
Perhaps sensing it, the man put his hand on my and Subaru's shoulder and laughed wildly.

“Don't worry! Leave it to the adults”

As soon as he saw us nodding our heads, the man ran off toward the woods with a few adults.

“Tine, let's go”

We took shelter with the other children in town to the hut farthest from the forest.
We could hear the occasional sob within the room.

“Hey, Subaru. Can't we go help too?"

“We can't fly, and we'll only slow them down”


I couldn't say anything more.
I could feel his frustration through his tightly clenched fists.
Time passed in vain.
A few dozen minutes, maybe only a few minutes, had passed.
----Then I noticed something.

"There is someone missing ......?"


“Subaru! There’s one child missing!”

“----It’s Ray! ...... at the sacred tree!”
“He was playing around the tree when we were there”

“Don't tell me he’s still there ......?”

We were the oldest in this room.
There was no room for hesitation.
We looked at each other.
We walked out quietly so as not to stimulate everyone else.
With Subaru's wind in our sails, we headed toward the center of the village at full speed.

What if he’s been left alone in the village----?
What if he’s suffered in a sea of flames----?
What if, what if, what if it was too late----?

The adults were probably busy putting out the forest fire, and the village was deserted.
Burning smells filled my nose.
The whole village was covered in soot.
We called his name out loud as we headed for the sacred tree.
Hurry, hurry----!


The big tree was waiting for us at its usual spot.
A faintly illuminated light was protecting Ray in the hollow of the tree.

"He’s just sleeping, I guess."

“Oh god …. We’re saved....."

It was the moment Subaru picked up Ray to hurry back.
As the power weakens, the trunk of the sacred tree, whose light is extinguished, turns black and sooty.

“Oh no ......!”

I immediately activated the power.
If steam didn't work, then a drop of water, and if not, a waterfall----.
But the temperature of the tree continued to rise.

“I’ll take over"

Subaru handed Ray to me and closed his eyes.
A damp wind rushes along the trunk.

“----Fuck! This won’t work"

And then----
The smoke raged on and soon bore small sparks of fire.
The buds of flame blossomed into large red flowers on the sacred tree.

“I won’t give up ......!”

I reach for the unburned sprout.
Above my head, I heard something crackle and crumble.


Subaru's voice, the sound of wind slicing through the air, the feel of something pushing me away ......
Then, a flash of light popped at the edge of my vision at the same time.
I could not immediately understand what had happened.
But it only took me a moment to understand the gravity of what had happened.

"Ugh...... ah......!!”
“Ugh...... ah it’s burning...... ugh......”

A flaming branch covered Subaru.
I ran to him and quickly removed the branch.
The feathers ---- the buds of Subaru's wings had turned black.
There was no trace of their translucent shine, and the remains of something was stuck to his back.

“Subaru! Subaru!!”
“I’ll take care of you immediately......!"

Ray, who was in my arms, woke up and looked up anxiously.
Subaru forced a smile.
There was a greasy sweat floating on his forehead.

“Oh, you're finally awake”
“Be careful… of overslee----"

He fell down but I caught his body.

“Subaru!? Subaru, open your eyes ......!”

I realized
...... that it's too late
...... that his wings will never be the same again
...... that he would never be able to fly.

No. No. No. No. No. No.
He who was loved by the wind should not be abandoned by the sky.
I don't need to know the sky because I am loved by water.
Yes, I will take his place----.


A dazzling light leaks from my palm, which I had been clutching before I knew it.
When I opened my hand, I found a fresh sprout lying there.
I wish once again.

----I want to help.
----I want to help... someone I care about.
----I want to help.
----My precious home.

The light reached out to the sacred tree ---- shining on the roots, the trunk, the branches, the leaves.
I did not understand the logic.
But what I had to do, how to exert my power, flowed into my mind.
I gathered all the power I had into one point - the feathers on my back.

Red, orange, green, indigo, wisteria----.
Colors filled the wings as they spread wide.
It was the same sight I had seen long ago.
Subaru is enveloped by light with many colors.
A nostalgic warmth, like that of a cradle, filled the entire area.



Ray, overfilled with joy, smiles at him.
I smiled at him too.
I laid my hand on his back as if to embrace him.
Threads of light ran through my hands and formed Subaru's wings.

“They're spring green”

He was right.
The budding wings on his back were a spring green, reminiscent of young leaves.
And yet another color.
---- a dazzling golden glow that looked like the sun or even the moon.

“This is .......”

Subaru spread his wings wide and felt them.

"Doesn't it hurt ......?"

“No......Tine, are you ready?"


We turn to the village guardian tree.
This time we do not pray.

--We want to help.
--Our precious home.
--We want to help.
--With our power.

As soon as we breathed together, I felt a great backwash of power.
I grasped Subaru's hand.
He, too, squeezed my hand back tightly.

Water and wind----.
A torrent and a storm----.
That's how the weather could be described, extending into the remote forest.
It was reminiscent of the fury of a storm, and it swallowed only black smoke, avoiding houses and trees.
----The fog lifted, and the disastrous flames had vanished without a trace.

"Subaru...... it’s finished......, right?"


There, I lost consciousness.
...... I had a dream.
I lost the blessing of the water and was drowning in the dark sea.
Someone reached for me.
I couldn't see their face, but it was strangely comfortable.
I took the hand without hesitation.

“---- Nn ......”

"Hey, you’re a wake"
“….You're just in time”

“Subaru ....... you said just in time ......?"

“Hey, hey, hey! Did you forget what day it is today?”
“It's our ---- Scale Ceremony”


I looked out the window ---- I could see the sacred tree with its branches and leaves spreading.
It was sitting in the center of the village, looking the same as always.
However, there was only one thing that had changed.

"The flowers are at ......"

“It's blooming”
“You protected it”
“Let's go. Everyone is waiting for you”

Subaru held out his hand.
The memory of the dream overlapped.
His wings and mine spread.
As if in response, the flowers on the sacred tree ---- white petals danced in the air.

How could I forget?
It was our turn to shape the sight.
Our colors mingled in the scales that fell from countless wings.
The name "Scale Ceremony" was given to the event because of these scales--.

“You were right”

“-----! It really is”

On my back----
I had wings that were dyed a light blue, like a slice of sky, so transparent that it reminds me of the endless distance.

The first time I flew in the sky, it was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.
I felt so frustrated that the only word that came to my mind was beautiful.

“Thank you for protecting me. Subaru”

“No...... it was me”


“----Thank you for saving me”

He thanked me without looking at me and his profile was illuminated by rainbow-colored scales.

―― to be continued 


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